The Secret to a Successful Construction Job

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 When one thinks of a construction site, 'clean' is seldom the first word to come to mind, but industry experts know that maintaining a site that is organized and free of debris is the key to a successful job. That’s why Toronto contractors are turning to Team Odd Job for site clean-up and debris disposal services. Here are five reasons why maintaining a clean site is important, and how Team Odd Job can help!

1. Keep your workers safe.

Maintaining a clean site is one of the easiest ways to ensure safer working conditions for your staff and reduce the risk of liability. Materials often found discarded on job sites - such as scrap lumber with protruding nails and hazardous chemicals - can cause serious injury if not properly discarded or stored. 


2. Impress your clients.

Clean and orderly sites are viewed more favourably by clients, allowing them to focus on your progress rather than the mess!


3. Increase efficiency.

Clean and organized sites allow workers to transition from task to task with ease. It’s important to remember that the state of your job site can have a direct effect on the state of mind of your workers.  If your job site is organized, your workers will naturally feel more organized themselves.


4. Make better use of resources.

Your trades should be spending their time doing the job that they were hired to do. Paying for a trade to clean when this could be done by an unskilled worker for a fraction of the price adds unnecessary labour costs to your project. 


5. Reduce the need for a bin.

It isn’t always possible or practical to order a bin for your job site. That’s why our Odd Job van is available on-demand for site clean-up and debris disposal jobs. Our team will arrive at your job site, fill the van, and drive away - taking the mess with them. We always make sure to dispose of any collected debris in the most environmentally responsible way.


Do you have a site clean-up tip? Have you ever had to work on an unorganized job site? Tell us about it in the comments below! 

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