Five Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Home Before Selling

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If you're planning to sell your home, it's time to get out your home maintenance to-do list (hint: it's probably crumpled up and hidden under your living room couch, along with that slipper you've been looking for) and start crossing items off. Here are five reasons that it's important to complete any outstanding repairs before your home goes to market:

1. It always pays off.

Many homeowners are hesitant to invest money into a home that they intend to sell, however investing in your home before it goes to market can increase the listing price, eliminate frustrating negotiations, attract more buyers, and, ultimately, result in a higher selling price. Trust us - it's always worth it!


2. Keep the focus on the features

Showcase your home in its best light. When potential buyers walk through your home, you want them to focus on the features, not on the flaws. Buys can easily become distracted and overwhelmed by imperfections, and this can create a negative overall experience, even if the home may otherwise be perfect for them. You wouldn't believe the difference a fresh coat of paint can make!


3. The issues will be discovered.

No, you can't just hang a painting over that hole in your drywall and expect that nobody will find out. An inspection is unavoidable, and any issues that you have failed to address will be brought to light. It is always better to make these repairs in advance to ensure that the results of an inspection don't result in a lower selling price or a loss of the deal altogether. It's a guarantee that the cost for you to fix it yourself will always be less than the buyer's estimate following the inspection.


4. If it bothers you a little, it will bother buyers a lot.

When you're living in a home it can be easy to become used to little annoyances like leaking faucets, cracked floor tiles, or chipped paint. After a while, these issues can start to seem like "no big deal". Remember that buyers will be looking at your home critically (and that most aren't looking for a project), and anything that may seem like "no big deal" to you will almost certainly be a big deal to them.


5. You'll sell your home faster, for more $$$.

Well maintained homes show better, attract more buyers, and sell faster for a higher price. Plus, your realtor will love you. Need we say more?

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